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Guards on demand is Under the Auspices of and the Division of Mossad Investigation & Security Corporation. We are a N.Y.S Licensed, Bonded and Insured Security and Private Investigation Agency. All our Services are Strictly Confidential, Discreet and Trusted.

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School Security Guards

  • Security Guards – Schools The importance of protecting both children and adults continuing their education while in a place of learning cannot be overstated. Many municipalities throughout New York have local police on duty to help protect both students and school staff. Specially trained GuardsOnDemand personnel are often called upon to provide additional safety and security in and around schools. Providing a quality education is your responsibility. Assuring a safe environment in which students may learn is also something you must guarantee. Make that job of yours easier by engaging G.O.D. workers to keep things safe, in and out of your facility.