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Guards on demand is Under the Auspices of and the Division of Mossad Investigation & Security Corporation. We are a N.Y.S Licensed, Bonded and Insured Security and Private Investigation Agency. All our Services are Strictly Confidential, Discreet and Trusted.

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Security Guards for Places of Worship

  • Any follower of current events is aware of the dangers to those of a particular faith. In reality, worshippers of all faiths are at great risk. Sadly, not only are those of different denominations in danger, but racial prejudices jeopardize those of every color too. Even those of a different political group can come under violent attack. Should sanity and common sense prevail, peace will rule the day. Until that time however, protection is needed by good people. GuardsOnDemand provides the protection, armed and unarmed, that is needed at this time. Don’t put those you care about at risk. Act today; before you or those that you care about become tomorrow’s headline.