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Guards on demand is Under the Auspices of and the Division of Mossad Investigation & Security Corporation. We are a N.Y.S Licensed, Bonded and Insured Security and Private Investigation Agency. All our Services are Strictly Confidential, Discreet and Trusted.

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Construction Site Security Guards

  • A building is built to withstand the forces of mother nature and hopefully whatever those with evil intent might try. When that edifice is being erected however, the chain link fence or wood boards around the construction area don’t offer the same level of protection. That’s why more and more construction managers are contacting GuardsOnDemand. Our guards are on duty 24/7 to ensure the safety of the premises. They dutifully protect property, materials, tools and equipment. They also provide emergency response services and trespass prevention. And in actual emergencies, they can limit weather damage and limit or prevent losses from accidents. Until you have a doorperson at the front door, hire GuardsOnDemand to guard the property.